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🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
48. The west is the last sink zone on the Dikkal ie direction and time cycles.After west ,the zone of the positive energy begins with northwest .As north takes part in anything then the beginning of the positivity starts .West is the sink direction, where everyday cessation of the source of the Prana ie Sun happens and the reign of the Saturn and Rahu begins.
Both these planets have connectivity to the Shiv Lingam .In most of the temples the Shiv Lingam is placed in the west zone with Yoni facing north ,which is the most ideal alignment.In this regards it is evident that west is loaded and east is maintained in a streaming mode.
So existence of the Lingam in the west zone itself is the positivity by its form and as well by its position.
Lord Shiva is most popular deity of the demons too ,so the Great Ravana too was one of the most adored devotee of Lord Shiva; with Aatmlingam of Shiva in his ownership .West is connected to Asuras ie demons ,so the placement of the Lingam has this mythological reference too.
The Lingam facing west is termed as the Varun Lingam,with reference to the deity Varun of Vaastu Purusha mandala .
The west Lingam is named as Sadyojata ,which represents the Iccha Shakti .A cosmic will heals if the form of west is ascending where as the same disturbs if the western streaming is intense.
Happiness and Sadness both are associated with this Sadyojata ,as due to the zone of disagreement it may lead to sadness where as due to the right alignment of the Yoni will give happiness .If it is set in west with ample of streaming of prana from east then it will not play any disagreement to the worshipper .The relation of the Asura with the Shiva is counterclockwise ie from Asura division to the Varun ,is reverse path.

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