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33.The corner division of the northeast matrix is named as the Shikhi and it acts as the mouth of the Sushubhna, so it is equated to the fire element and because of the Sushubhna, this zone is connected to the planet Ketu .
Any fault in this division may reverse the total field of the energy leading to multiple loops of the counterclockwise devastating energy in the vaastu.The main passage of the energy is defined by the axis of the water and the earth element,this axis gets disturbed if the fault lies in the Shikhi.Most of the sensitive nodes of the Vaastu namely the Shanmahanti lies in this passage of the energy .If the Sushubhna is silent then anybody can work in a fixed routine and can enjoy the sensuous pleasures of the life as these six nodes get protected from the attack of the disturbed Ketu .
If the Shikhi gets disturbed then the vibrations of the Rahu planet from the other end of the northeast ie the southwest zone gets activated .Rahu being the most unpredictable factor in the process of the eventology ,it disturbs the matrix of the vaastu Purusha mandala.
So placing the Lingam of the substone of the Ketu ie quartz lingam with gold polished silver circular helix as the Yoni should be placed in the Shikhi division with all the Chid Vastus like rudraksha-hard almond-hard turmeric-lotus seeds-sandalwood and red sandalwood powder etc .
When such divine form is established in the Shikhi division it locks the movement of the Sushubhna and a silent state of the Sushubhna gives potential to the life activities.

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
34. In general to avoid negligence regarding faults in the Vaastu or to avoid the negative effect of any subtle unknown fault ,one can use this theory and practice of the divine remedy of Vaastu -Lingam in all the directions.
As the main directions are connected to the energy we can play by use of metals or natural crystals related to the planet of that zone .
In ownership flats ,the simple technique is to encase these lingams in the walls at the floor level .
So that they are part of the earth element of that flat .As we know in vaastushastra unless anything becomes part of that earth element,it never gets any excitation or contribution of any vibrations.
So for the east zone ,one can use copper as the base material for the Lingam , so that the zone emerges out as the connectivity to the planet Mars and the fire element too.As regards number three , numerologically signifies Jupiter,it's suggested to encase three copper lingams in the centre of the east wall ,at the floor level.
To the base it is advised to use the silver triangular helix as the Yoni ,as silver is signified in the Up Peeth Rachana for the east zone.Placing small garland of the red sandalwood beads gives flowering to the virtue of the east zone.
If the deity of the east Aryama as the Ang Devta is carved on the Lingam , then traditionally it is termed as "Lingodbhav Devta".It is customary in the vaastushastra to place the Astra (weapon ) of the deity as a symbolic presentation in specific metal to particular direction.Lingam with Astra carved at the centre of the Lingam will solve both requirements.
In case of east one can use the devdar or white cedar wood to make the box .
If open type box in copper is done to place the Lingam and other Chid Vastus in side ,then the space and the Lingam will work together to create positivity.The box can be made to suit the constellation of the occupants ,as per the Ayaadi Constraints.Even for the Lingam , one can use the golden ratio for the vertical and the lateral axis of the Lingam.Perimeter can be matched as per the Aay formula as we are in discussion of the east zone ; which is the direction of Laxmi as said in basic sutra of east slopes.

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
35.Sotheast represents the intense fire element,so in traditional vaastushastra southeast is kept raised.
This added earth element controls the intense fire and regulates it to give warmth.This control of cosmic fire element is done by using the yellow Safire stone in the ritual of the Ratnadhyay.Same is the effect of burying the hard turmeric in this zone.
Southeast contains Savita-Savitru which signifies the purity-knowledge-sacrifice.
So yellow stone Lingam with base of triangular copper helix as the Yoni will tranquillise the intensity of this cosmic fire element.
A substone of Jupiter can be used to make the form of the Lingam like topaz or scapolite.Since we want to control the fire element over here ,better to avoid the copper for the Lingam ,as copper signifies the fire and the Mars.As in Lo Shu table southeast is equated to number four , so let's place two Lingams to each side of the southeast corner.The Nanda Tithi is the most suitable muhurtha for the southeast zone.Especially the thirteenth day ie Pradosh could be the ideal muhurtha for placing and worshipping the Lingam in the southeast corner.
These lingams will act as the Digpal life that zone which protects the Ang Devta and the element.
Confining the corner by lingams will block the vibrations of the Vikshep deity Vidari ,so naturally the Ang Devta gets power by this ritual .
Rather to all sub directions if such four lingams are encased in the wall then these lingams will channelise the positive cosmic streaming of the Sutra Devtas.
These four lingams will accelerate the four Sutra Devtas attached to the southeast zone ,so that the energy grid gets channelised.
One should understand that Lingam is not a metal or a stone or just an element;but Lingam represents the aura of that deity-element-planet .Though it looks physical form but it's connectivity is to the spiritual-subtle-cosmic reality.

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