Vaastu Mahalingam

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
36.Some people don't appreciate the presentation of the Lingam in the house .In such case use Agney Stambha in the southeast corner with octagon geometry.In this pillar one can place the copper and yellow stone lingams on the Nanda Tithi as the muhurtha.Then in that space one can place all the Chid Vastus too ,along with these lingams .Such a strong pillar which represents the earth element is the powerful Lingam remedy to absorb all the negative energy of that zone .One can do the copper cladding to this pillar to South and connected two directions .Where as for the west ,one can use the bronze panelling and bronze Lingam inside the pillar .
Octagon represents the sacred geometry ,hence is termed as the Vishnu Stambha .Pentagon represents the Shool and can be used to retaliate the poison arrows of that zone.Pentagon pillar is called as Shiv kanta stambha.
Even box of copper with ayadi personal factors with Lingam at the Center can be encased in the connected walls of the southeast corner.These boxes forms a container and being square or rectangular ;these boxes emit the cosmic waveforms of the subtle earth element,which has profound virtue to absorb the negativity .When Lingam is placed inside the box then it starts spreading the divine sacred waveforms in the surroundings.
Boxes filled with Chidvastus and a single Lingam if buried or kept in the zone will give good results.
Boxes filled with small lingams or pebbles ,if buried in the zone ,will strengthen the elements and will absorb the negative energy too.

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
37. In some historic excavation,the lingams have a triangular shape as if these shapes signify the Agni Lingam.As it is in south India we find Ashta Lingas with reference to the eight dikpalas .Dikapalas are termed as Lokpal when they are set with reference to a city or town.
The Arunachala is surrounded by such Astalingams.The guardians of the four cardinal and four inter cardinal directions are set with the lingams ;after the names as East- Indra, West-Varuna, North-Kubera ,South- Yama
Northeast- Isha , Southeast- Agni ,
Northwest- Vayu.
It is a holistic process of metaphysics which invokes the inseparable cosmic connection of part to whole and vice versa .When in house such Lingams are established in the walls and at the floor level to eight directions , then they represent the Ashta Digpal-eight protectors .These deities provide a cosmic shield that keeps the Vikshep Deities away from the home ;so that the Ang Devta of that zone gets strengthened to rule the matrix of deities and the element of that zone.
So with reference to the element of that zone , the Lingam and Yoni can be designed as square or circular .In case of three face Lingam (Tri Mukh Lingam) it becomes a Lingam related to the fire element due to three faces forming a triangle .
All these Ashta Lingams are conducive to attain the qualities and virtues assigned to that god-planet-element of that direction.
Vaastu Lingam is just a descending thought from these Ashta Lingams temples around the Arunachalam .So it is like whole to part from a city to home.

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
38. If some white stone from the place that lies to the east of house and which is very prosperous place ,is placed as the Lingam for the east in the east wall or east zone of the plinth then it will activate the inseparable relationship of prosperity of its hometown , in that house . It is termed as the cosmic connectivity and molecular memory that fetched the virtues of the original land.Give a shape of Lingam to this stone.Keep it for twenty four hours in flowers with fragrance (Pushpadhivas) .Since the east dikpal is Indra which represents the vibrations of the Sun and the Venus ; this deity abolishes ignorance and bestows spiritual wisdom along with the luxury and prosperity.
In exorcising the space of east zone , all the offerings for Sun or Venus are used in the ritual of establishing the Indra-Lingam.
This celestial lord Indra is associated with the white elephant named Eiravat ; which has four tusks.
His weapon is mainly Vajra .
If a pure ghee lamp is lighted early morning to sunrise and to sunset then it acts like a Pran-Lingam ,if the ritual of the trataka is done on this flame.The pure ghee lamp in the silver container -Niranjan gives out god particles and stream of photons which act as the Prana , which is the virtue of the east zone.The connectivity of these pranik ions to the Sahasrara due to the ritual of trataka acts as the powerful medium to transform the person to a divine aura.
In the traditional text a live Lingam is said as Jyotirlingam , so focusing on the Jyoti-flame can be said as the connectivity to the Svayambhu Lingam ie Original natural Lingam.
Chanting of mantra beej Rhimm while doing the trataka connects the person to the divine dimension of Sun-Agni-Laxmi.
It is a regular practice in each Sanatan House to do the deep-puja ,worshipping the flame with chant.
शुभम् करोति कल्याणम्
आरोग्यम् धनसंपदा
शत्रुबुध्दी विनाशाय
Means by connecting the self to divine flame everything auspicious happens ,gives a good health,blesses prosperity,the conflict gets diminished with loss of enemity .
Here the jyoti becomes the jyotirlingam .Being in the east and of pure ghee , it gives out the vibrations of Jupiter and Venus too which blesses the wisdom and the prosperity.

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