Vaastu Mahalingam

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
43.Southwest contains earth element and any movement of energy-light-ether disturb the content of the earth element,leading to disturbance in the matrix of the deities This zone contains the desire of the person ,so disturbance in the desire can disturb the whole life of the person.
As the deep desire lies at the cellular organic level ,disturbed southwest zone can change the total organics of the person ,leading to frustration-depression-degeneration.
South and southwest both directions are connected to the premature unnatural deaths , if are weak in the gross earth element .But in case of southwest as it contains the contribution of the west ,this death happens due to the disagreement in the life ie unfulfilled desires.
As Shiva lies in the northeast zone ,Jeeva lies in the southwest zone.Shiva signifies ether and the Jeeva represents Earth element.
As the matrix of deities contain Indra who is symbolic of sensuous pleasures-aggression-success and to some extent greed too.
As Indra jay means son of Indra is also the part of Southwest matrix of deities
this zone is indicative of creation ,which is connected to the Venus .
White Beryl is the sub stone of Venus , if a Lingam of this mineral is established in the Indra division along with dust of diamond it will give six fold positive effects of the Venus .A crystal system is hexagonal which matches to the number of Venus .
As it is in the ritual of Ratnadhyay ,use of diamond is stipulated in the Indra division to enhance the quality of the sensuous pleasures ;so that the Jeeva staying in the house gets fulfilled and turn in to the new finer world of sacred eternal happiness .
Venus gives prosperity and creativity.Venus solves all problems by love and affection.Venus showers happiness and celebrations.
So establishing the white beryl lingam with diamond powder gives all above dimensions to the life.

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