Vaastu Mahalingam

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
49.In temple architecture ,generally the idol of the deity is placed in west .Generally these idols are in black stone except for some modern temples .This posture and the position of the deity makes the west heavy by strong earth element.As the idol is carved out from black stone with sacred proportion and as it is facing the east zone ,it holds the prana by its alignment as well by basic stone material and because of rituals and muhurtha observed .
As mentioned by Michael Angelo ,when any form is in golden ratio ,it attains the divinity .So is the order of these temples .The towering structure above the idol and slowly lowering of the temple to the east by dome and sub structures ,naturally reach the formation of the Lingam and the spread of the Yoni towards the source direction.
The Garbha Gruh -the main plinth is rectangular style the floor level and slowly gets transformed in to the octagon from the head level of the idol till the same height as the height of the square module .Then the circular form begins to hold the divine space.This is nothing but the grammar of the Naabhi-Shanku as said in the Vishnudharmottar Puran.
So even the temple of Narayana is in the behold of the space of Shiva;that's what symbolically we see by a Lingam on the head of the deity Vitthal ;which is the form of the Krishna.
Just in any flat ,keep one black stone Lingam in one iron pot .Pour seven types of oils for seven days in the evening ,only one spoon each.Then this Lingam with Yoni as the circular bronze helix acts as the divine medium to absorb the sinking streams of the west zone .This full stop of earth element excites the mandalas of the pranik energy of the east ,which purify the axis of the prana ie east to west Chanel .
Establishing the pran-mandala in the space is the formulation of the vibrations of the Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram ie Lord Shiva.

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