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🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
47.Alignment of elements is fixed ,what changes is solar path.This change in the solar path makes difference in the power of directions and elements,which reflects in the change of consciousness in different zones of the world .But the Shiva-Lingam has a sacred perfect form ,which do not change by the change of the places on the globe .Similarly there could be variation but the total effect of tenets of the vaastushastra remain same .
There could be dilution in the effects of poison of the south ,but poison remains in the southern flux.There could be deviation in the disagreement from western streams but with sun on western horizon for more time ,then west hits more too.
So the Shiv-Lingam with its perfect alignment of Yoni to the source directions ,proves to be a cosmic correct form and not as the ownership of someone.
As the water satisfies the thirst of the tiger and cow both ,without any discrimination;similarly Shastras work as the mother to all .
Form has power because it creates waves in the surroundings and in its own space too.If forms are sacred then the spaces in side and the energy in the surroundings become divine ;where the auspicious deities find their place ,to bless the occupants.Every deity has five fold existence called as Panchayatan ;means again its the sacred expression of the five great elements.
As in case of Shiv-Panchayatan ; Ganesha represents intellectual faculty.Ma Parvati represents the Annapurna means who feeds everybody.Shiva signifies the reality .Nandi represents the power of reproduction.Kartikey signifies the journey beyond the sensuous pleasures .Trishul signifies the Ichcha-Cosmic will,Dnyan-Knowledge,Kriya-the process of continuity .
As southeast signifies the power of reproduction ,southwest signifies the process of creation ,northwest ends the pain and sorrow ,northeast takes you beyond the sensuous pleasures and the central Brahma connects you to Aananda-eternal happiness.

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
46. In India the practice of Shiv-Lingam was first started by the Great Bharat ,
;whose name is given to this nation as Bharat; in the memory of his father ;the first tirthankar Of the Jain cult
Bhagavan Rishabhnath.Mount Kailasha is the place of attainment of liberation (Moksha) of Bhagavan Rishabhnath.So initially it started as the Kailasha Kshetra Puja and then got converted in to Shiv-Lingam Worship.
In Zen Buddhism by placing four faces of the lord Budfha to four sides a Lingam is formed ,which is available in the Nepal.
A perfect form with Lingam and Yoni can be seen in this form with four faces of Lord Buddha.
Any structure which has earth element to the sink directions and the ether-light-energy to the source zones ; then it represents the right Shivalingakruti. Where as when the sink zones start streaming and the source zone gets blocked by the earth element then it is the Viprit Shivalingakruti.
Energy or effect of earth , both are play of minuscule particles on each other.Light contains streaming of photons and earth contains the gravitons ,which act against each other .Photons as regards Vedik literature can be connected to Tejas dravyam.Even mind as a formulation of minuscule particles is Tejas dravyam.That's why Lord Buddha has mentioned thought and mind both as the matter .Any formulation made up of particles is the matter .So rules of Vaastu are set with this micro and mega level understanding,which is termed as comprehensive totality.
When gravitons start streaming with the tejasdravyam and with the streaming of photons then they spoil the quality of the energy .It creates the mixing of two different entities .So hill to north-northeast-east is termed as the Severe fault -mahadosha.
Shivalingakruti is the perfect form as the sink directions contain the earth element and source directions are free of earth ,so full of ether-energy-light.

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
45. Bhringraj-Mrug-Pitru-Douvarik-Sugriv all these deities on the periphery of the Southwest matrix of deities are connected to the other entities -Yonis.The Vikshep deity of this zone is Putana ; the demon in a lady form.
These entities defocus the locus of life leading to depression-unsuccess-disagreement.Specifically the corner Pitru division is the place of connectivity I the forefathers .If anybody is having Pitru dosha in the birthchart then one should check this division in the house for any fault .In such case ,it is advised to establish one lead Lingam in that corner to retaliate any effect of the fault .
Rahu is considered as the genetical connectivity to the forefathers .So whenever anybody faces obstruction in all processes of the life then one should check this Pitru division.
Remedies done in the Vaastu are one time full proof answer at the physical level but the effects are profound to reach the consciousness of the person.
So placing a lead square helix in the division where the fault lies and placing one brown colour stone Lingam on this Yoni-helix ; will give a full proof solution for the southwest fault .
The division Pitru acts as the door to the Sapt -Patalas ,so it is mandatory to keep heavy earth element in this zone ,as if locking the doors of Sapt Patalas and vacating the voids leading to spaces in the house .
The Pitru division is connected to the child birth ,which happens by the blessings of the Jupiter and by cutting the connectivity of prarabdha-past deeds by Ketu .With this understanding in the Ratnadhyay,southeast zone
is seeded by yellow Safire and south zone by the Ketu stone ,so that activation of Pitru dosha gets weakened.
In the puranas it is said that the ascension of the Jeeva becomes easy if he gets the son ,who can perform the rituals-shradha ,so that next generations are free of any Pitru dosha .In modern times it's not possible as the young generation does not believe in these things .In such situations Vaastu helps to curtail all such negativity.
As Venus rises on horizon in the evening and the early morning ,which are considered as the most auspicious periods ,Venus gains all the virtues to clean the zones by its aura .So placing the diamond in the Indra Division and giving a awakening to the deity Indra is a two fold positivity related to placing the white beryl Lingam with diamond dust .

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