Vaastu Palmistry

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
93. Palmistry is helpful in diagnosis the number of kids in the house by counting vertices lines below the mercury mount and above the marraige line .Deep conspicuous lines indicate sons and wavy thin lines indicate daughters.
In vaastushastra southeast zone is connected to the sons and the northwest zone is connected to the daughters.Any faults in these zones disturb their health-psyche-rhythm in the life.Where as a developed mount of Venus signifies the fertility which is reflected in the Vaastu by south-southwest-west zones.
Any house where east is closed -southeast contains fault or the entry then it indicates the daughters in the house.Where as nice east streaming with good earth element to the southeast zone reflects the sons in the house.
Predominant streaming of the north and northeast zones with faults in the east zone indicates the daughters .
In a way the mount of Venus and the mercury are important as regards the progeny in the palmistry .Where as the bedroom of married couples is indicated in the zones of earth element,where lies the effect of the Venus and the mercury and the signs 2-6 of Venus and mercury represent the earth element too.
Forks-cuts-weakness in the lines for the children on the mount of mercury denote some hereditary problems in the children ;which are reflected by the east-southeast -southwest and the Brahmsthan in the house .As the east represents prana from Sun,southeast represents fire needed,southwest signifies the interception of the Rahu and the Brahmsthan is connected to the perfect creation ; these zones are important as regards the faults in the conception-hereditary reflections-pitru dosha too.

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