Vaastu Palmistry

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🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
100.If a line originating from the mount of Saturn crosses the head line then it is the indication of the severe accident.Head line travels between the mounts of mars-neptune-pluto-rahu and lower mars ,so it carries the grace and vibrations of these planets.Where as the line that originated from mount of Saturn contains the strong vibrations of the Saturn .When all these planets meet at some point then they just explode in to a serious evil event in the life.In vaastushastra it's reflection can be seen by the weak earth element in the zones of the sink directions.Its reflection can be seen by the intense force created by the Vithishula effect from any direction.When there lies forceful streaming of the ether-light-energy from the south-southwest zones then it's certain in most of the cases.
A cross or the star on the mount of Saturn may lead to accident.Its reflection can be seen in the Saturn zone ie to the south and west zone of the house.Any cross on the mount of the moon may lead to death by the drowning .Faults in the water element ie to the north and northeast zone ,along with depression -sea-river to south zone may give similar effect in the vaastushastra.
Breaks in the main lines, chain structures on hand,cross-grille-tassels-dot-spot-downward branches-ring of Saturn are some bad signs and are needed to be observed with reference to the main lines and the mounts .All these lines may lead to imprisonment-obstacles-depression-accidents as per their occurrence on the palm.

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