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92. If the life line is broken means there are some problems in the organics of the person.Its connectivity to the mount of Venus shadows all those faults in the aspiration of the Venus.Particularly in ladies it reflects in their monthly cycles.
There are three important cycles of three planets which dictate the organics-behaviour and the constitution of any person.The Mercury-Sun-Venus are the three planets which form the cycles of 28-30-30 days .So in ladies Venus and mercury cycles play a very important role .If any problem arises related to these mounts and the connected lines like life and the heart line ,it reflects on the monthly cycles of the ladies.
So broken life line in the zone of the mount of the Venus and some negative sign on the mount of Venus or the some odd shaped spread of the mount of Venus signifies problems related to the fertility and ovary follicles and irregular cycles.
As we know that the Venus zone lies in the east-southeast zone and the mercury zone lies in the west and the north zone in the vaastushastra ; any faults in these zone may show the similar situation in the life .For the fertility,the most important element is the earth element,in which only there lies a possibility of the seeding so a right expression of the earth element gifts the fertility to a lady ie the southwest zone.
That's why the south-southwest zone is reserved for the bedroom of the newly married couple.

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