Vaastu Mahalingam

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
42.As the antaral ie sky of south is ruled by the Mars ,keep one reddish brown Narmada River Lingam in the southzone with triangular copper helix as the Yoni ; in the south direction near the south wall.One can keep one copper pot filled by the masoor daal and surrounded by the red silk cloth.Keep some river pebbles around with golden colour .Such Lingam due to its weight adds the grace of the earth element,which gets highly appreciated in the south zone;as it absorbs all the negativity .The divine form of Lingam emits the sacred waves which contain the grace of mars .Mars is the don of earth mythologically ,so inherently it contains the qualities of the earth element too.Mars represents the fire element,which enhances the earth element too;which is the need of the south zone.
One such Lingam in any house can wipe out the sinking streams of the south direction.It is the most simple remedy and should be kept as the assembly that suits to the architectural and interior aspect of the house as the antique touch.One can place one Bhoumyantra on the south wall behind this Lingam .
One can hide such assembly in the shadow of indoor plant ,in case if it looks odd in the residential premises .
Mars being the Lieutenant General for the Gods ; is powerful to retaliate any attacks of the Vikshep deities like Vikat of the south zone .
The fear of Yama and the death gets removed by such Lingam assembly of the planet Mars in the south zone.That is the importance of the Lingam as the sacred form .
Since such Lingam acts like the connectivity of the earth to the ether ,shower of blessings of the positive auspicious deities happens automatically.

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