American Houses

1. Houses create the surroundings where there lies the sequence of the planets-elements-deities-directions-energy. This sequence is formed on the basis of the surroundings and the individual house ; as well on the setting of the house on that plot . So if the relationship of the sequence of these five dimensions on the plot do not match to the sequence of these five things of the house ; then there lies a cosmic negative knot that needs to be removed from the personal life and the fifth dimension of Time . If that is not solved then it may lead to dissatisfaction-loss of jobs-breaks in relation-loneliness-poverty. It's effect may happen in the personal life in quite different events .
So vaastushastra means creating atleast the sequence of these five dimensions in one's own home or flat or office. If the house is not owned then the structural changes are not possible then classical yantrams-herbs-plants-pebbles-colours come to help to improve this sequence.
Every zone has different psychological mode due to different relation to the Sun ie different intensity of the sun rays and even the meeting angle of the rays changes to all surfaces . This particular solar identification and it's relation to the person varies the wave of the consciousness in each zone of the world. That's why for each zone the requirements of the architectural elements vary and if these requirements do not match to the eternal relationship of the energy streams then one has to suffer in the life .
The genetical code and the field of neurones is sensitive to the north flux ; any cosmic dispute with this flux is bound to create a conflict in the setting of the mind-physique-surroundings. This conflict in the setting of the body-mind-intellect may lead to disturbance in the psychic modes creating the depressions-drugs-violence.
According to the yogashastra the conflict begins due to the variable frequency of the body-mind-intellect . Many times this form of the house becomes the main reason of this conflict that promotes the depression-drugs-deterioration.

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