Esoteric Vaastu

93. As such the holistic play of the existence is classified in two entities which are complementary to each other as well at times merge in each others faculties too . These two entities are Brahman and the Maya ie Shakti ie energy . The Fengshuian concept of the Yin and the Yang could be the reflection of the philosophy of duality ie Dvaita philosophy but unlike Fengshui; Vaastu is based on much finer aspect of Brahman and Maya. Probably the word Bhagavan Maya -the author of Mayamatam signifies this cosmic power Maya as in history Daityas were masters of these apparent cosmic powers related to the Maya . There spiritual master being Shukracharya; who is also famous for creating this Maya . Actually the definition of the Maya is that which does not exists ; rather she points that which does not exists in the material form.
So for the most ordinary person who is devoid of any intricate sadhana-tapa-anushthaan; to experience that holistic tranquility; thus medium of Vaastu was planned . So that in a merging mode of the Maya one could experience the Brahman ie ultimate tranquility that lies even beyond the sound and light ; moon and sun ; time and directions .
So far all things around are based on the symmetry and the Bhu pur as the protective shield to this symmetry; there won't arise any problem in that created Mayan Space. Here the word Mayan refers to the space created by Maya . In all the past literature that I have written; there lies the reference of the word "ascending helical streaming ".This ascending helical streaming is the bridge between the Sarupa ie that which has form and the Arupa ie that which lies beyond the boundaries of five senses ie Brahman .
So everything begins with sacred earth and ends in the divine ether as can be read from the Vaastu Purusha Mandala. Hence the basic structure has to be square or rectangular and rest of the construction may use different forms but in dynamic symmetry; could be the definition of Oriental Architecture.
Bhu Pur being the sacred expression of the earth element; it fulfils all the legitimate and moral sentimental-physical needs of the person . Rest of the grace of the ascension depends on the super structure; how it opens out to the directions. This opening out to the directions decides it's connectivity to the surroundings ie to the ether . Ether is the most sensitive medium and bends as per the form of the house . If that superstructure gets connected to the south then the play of past tense ie paranormal activities begin. If that superstructure gets connected to the source directions then the blissful emergence of the divine deities happens there ; which transforms the form in to spaces by deletion of the voids.

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