11. When there lies basement to the west and relatively vibrations of the ether-energy-light from northeast are very good then in such house ; some modern spiritual master rules and takes away the money .
Since the water energy of the northeast is more then automatically it reduces the intensity of the fire element. Fire element along with pranik energy signifies many qualities like courage-logical thinking-self understanding. Where as northeast streams give kindness-sentimental behaviour-god fear which are not the actual spiritual values . Sensitivity and sentimentality are two different values . More the effectivity if the water element; more one becomes sentimental; where as more the effectivity of the prana and the Savita-Savitru divisions of the southeast zone ; one becomes more rational and analyst . In modern days of corruption and pollution these qualities of the east and southeast zones are more important than the virtues of the water element.
The real spiritualism begins with ascension which is the quality of the flame ie a proper combination of the prana and the fire element. In Gayatri Mantra it's said so that *Dhiyo yonah Prachidayat *ie let the ascension of the mind happen with the support of the flame of the being ie flame of the intelligence. Any other more dependent ways of the spiritualism are nothing but the romanticism or try to gain the social esteem and power .
In the name of the spiritualism ; mostly majority of spiritual masters put the people in the cage of type of hypnosis; where the clarity gets lost and ambiguity begins like the smoke . This smoke is the reflection of the unburnt fire ; which happens when the fire element becomes weak in the house . So in any house when there lies excessive water element and hyper excitation of the wind element then their it's observed that the young ones get attracted to this wave of new spiritualism of hypnosis. This hypnosis works like fine subtle drugs and waves the mind away from the real ascension.
In American houses as there are no defined boundaries of the compound walls to the house ; and if there lies basement to the west but to the other adjoining bungalow then also it creates two faults to the west . One fault is unlimited site margin to the west and the other fault is depressions to the west due to this basement of the other bungalow. This situation too will create the hyper excitation of the west vibrations.

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