Esoteric Vaastu

77. Normally in one Vaastu such treatment of the Ling Bhairavi is done at one place ; where the severe fault lies . And the supporting treatments are done in the rest of the directions.
Since the treatment of the Ling Bhairavi has a profound effects and as if it defines the nucleus of the Vaastu ; it's better not to add more than one such nucleus in the Vaastu .
Whenever some severe fault lies then and then one should go for treatments related to the Tantra; as it needs a very careful approach in it's placement-position-muhurtha-ritual-recharging by Vedik mantras etc.
Otherwise if kept as the showpiece ; then one should not establish it with any ritual; still due to it's sequence of form-element-direction it does give very good results. Any treatment should merge in the architectural understanding of the house ; so keeping more than one such Ling Bhairavi may disturb the interior of that house . House should not signify itself as the museum of the yantras.
Basically earth being the prime medium of the vaastushastra; for any treatment one should use the plinth or the earth of the plot . Enriching the soil improves the virtues of the earth ; through which the attainment of the good time is done in the vaastushastra. So Vaastu expert should focus on the enriching the soil by metals-pebbles-chidvastus as referred in the Up Peeth Rachana . The modifications made in the form of the metals are in concurrence to the forms of the energy and the element as referred in the yogashastra ; so the automatically these forms are in discipline in the of the philosophy of the Tantrashastra ; so these forms of metal have profound positivity to enrich the earth ; instead of just using the metal sheets.
Form as the Lingam used in the treatments has nothing to do with the deism as Shiva or any other god . The form has connectivity to the ether due to it's specific geometric shape . If two spheres are in motion ; one above the another then it's momentum and speed form the shape of the aura that resembles to the lingam . So lingam contains the form as well the Speed of the revolving aura , hence it acts as the powerful medium that transcends just the static existence.

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