American Houses

2. Defined boundaries to the plot and defined shapes of the houses has great importance as regards the happiness-celebration-effortless happening in the life.
When the relation of the house is not defined with the surroundings ie when the plot is not demarcated as independent limit then meeting of the surrounding soil rhythm and the plinth of the house is in abeyance.
In such cases this relationship depends solely on the transit planets ; for example in southern sections there happens negative confluence of the planets then this southern storm may have intense attack on the house ; that may lead to intense Yama-Currents;that may lead to premature deaths by gun shooting or accidents or violence. So if there are no definite bounds or mounts for marking the emergence of the five great elements then eventually it may lead to such small or intense situations of the storms in the personal life.
Amongst all the elements the right positioning of the earth element in the house and in the surroundings is the only answer to prevent the possibility of the premature deaths. Even the subtraction of the earth from some zones ie creating the depressions in the plots to some zones also activate the soil energy in the positive mode . This particular positive mode of soil rhythm gives meditative -silent turn to the mind ; where the creative mode of the life may begin. It may totally wipe out the voids and depression from the field of psyche. It's like the neighbour sharing your pain and sorrow with pushing the self in the happy tide of the time . It means it will create a happy relationship with the surroundings due to emergence of the earth energy. As said by Lord Buddha that mind is matter ; so when one is surrounded by the envelope of celebrating matter-earth ; then automatically it shares that celebration to the occupants of that house.
Mainly vaastushastra is the science of the earth element so there lies immense importance to the earth in and around the house . In yogashastra also the experiencing of the life begins with the vibrations of the Muladhara Chakra ; which has four petals and signifies the earth element.

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