4. Mostly in American houses main problems are related to the basements. All basements are depressions and depressions are related to the reduction in the earth element. Moment the the earth is excavated from any zone then it starts giving out the erratic wave forms out of that depression.
Earth and ether ; earth and light ; earth and energy are complementary. Where there is reduction in the earth there happens the excitation of the vibrations of the energy . Virtues of this energy depend on the zone from where it's emanating out .
In traditional Vaastu basement is not sanctioned as it disturbs the soil continuum. Due to removal of the huge content of the soil there happens the chaos of energy and vectors. On top of it if these basements lie in the sink zone then they give out the sinking streams in the energetics ie network of the energy of that house.
When such depressions are in the source zones then they create the spaces and when such depressions are in the sink zones then they signify the voids . Spaces are related to the Sun-Jupiter-Mars-Moon and voids are related to the Saturn-Rahu-Ketu. North-Northeast-East signify the source zones and South-Southwest-West represent the sink zones. Northwest and Southeast can be said as the active dynamic zones of elements namely wind and the fire element where wind is powerful and the fire is intense element.
Virtues of the source zones are ether-energy-light where as vices are earth-loads-gravitational pulls. On the contrary for the sink zones ether-energy-light are vices and earth-loads-gravitational pulls are termed as the virtues . As earth is the only element that can absorb any types of currents-forces-energies so the earth element to the sink zones is termed as first mandatory condition .
So whenever there lies loss of the earth element to the sink zones ie to the south-southwest-west zones then these created voids start disturbance in the energetics of that Vaastu ; which is the first disturbing subtle contributor to the human consciousness as regards the vibrations.

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