Esoteric Vaastu

81. As elsewhere the mention of three times and the deities in the Vaastu Purusha Mandala is given ; let's search in to some psychiatric negativities as experienced in some wrong forms of the houses in correlation to the Time as one being .
Whenever the present time is the ruler on the human psyche then he enjoys the sacred spaces-divine intervention in life-enlightened behaviour in activities . Whenever the future time is the ruler on the human psyche then worry-over ambitions-unsecured feeling are experienced in life . When the past time is the ruler on the human psyche then all types of idiosyncrasies-paranormal behaviour-eccentric actions-loneliness are experienced in the life.
Certain spiritual authorities do not admit the existence of the fifth yonis like pishachchas-gandharvas-asuras but all these shadows are nothing but experiencing the memories of the past births in the present time so deeply ; that all these idiosyncrasies-paranormal behaviour-eccentric actions-loneliness become obvious in the person.
And these remembering and ruling of the past tense acquires the human psyche to get stamped as the voodoo-paranormal entities-ghosts.
Each pair of directions has mouth and tail ie source and sink . So east to west as said as axis of prana ; will have east has mouth and west as the tail ie east as the source and the west as the sink . Hence east acts as the future and west acts as the past . In any house when hyper excitation like vithishula happens from east then the occupants are more related to the future ie they are stressed due to the load of the ambitions-success-money ie the ruler is the future time .
On the No moon night in the west zone Moon dooms . Every day sun sets in the west . Astrologically west is under the rule of the Saturn and the Rahu . So in any house when hyper excitation of the west vibrations happens then it creates attack of the Saturn and Rahu on the moon ie mind and on Sun ie intellect . So west aggression is equated to the past time from where the ruling of the dark shadows begins .
If in any house the west aggression is controlled and east acts as the flame then many complaints regarding the unbalanced psyche can be controlled.

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