American houses

8. When there lies basement to the west along with the site margin of northwest is less than the site margin of the southeast ; then it forms the torque of the fire and wind element on that house . In addition if the southeast is low and there lies mount to the northwest then this torque of fire and wind element becomes more intense. As wind element is basically powerful and the fire element is intense; so it's very important to check these two directions in every house as the most important set of complementary directions.
In traditional Shastra the northwest signifies daughters and the southeast represents Sons ; thus torque may create negativity in the children ; so it's most important set of directions.
Similarly northwest signifies mind-intelligence where as southeast signifies ego-ambition then it forms the torque of these most important faculties; which may lead to violence.
Probably the root cause of gun fires and violence in America lies in this torque of the powerful wind element and intense fire element.
So in all modern housings the truth of the positive cosmic breath of north and east is the only eternal support to the human habitats .
Northwest zone contains the division Rog that refers to specially to the psychological disturbance. The division Rog connects the west and north as it forms the corner division. Connected to the northwest there lies the Asur division; that also contributes to the deep level fears
Locally if the hills surrounding the city are to the northwest and slopes are to the southeast then there lies disturbed wind and hyper excitation of the fire element. Then those houses of that area ; where such torque of fire and wind exists will have sufferings related to these two elements. It means one has to be very careful regarding the behaviour of their children with keen observation.
Events happen only when the complementary and the connected directions have faults ; simultaneously in the plot and the bungalow. In only such cases there lies severe events ; otherwise such faults just show some changes in the pattern of behaviour of the occupants.

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