Esoteric Vaastu

73. Earth is a magical element as any thing can come in the existence through the variations and various forms of the earth element. Earth not only acts as the support but it stabilise the motions as well regenerates these motions in different dimensions. Probably that's why earth element is considered as the base of Maya .
All expressions of earth are related to the Maya hence always in original Sanskrit language earth is referred as SHE. All expressions of the fire are related to the Soul in that earth so is referred as HE ie Agni in original scripture s.
But the effect of that HE Agni is energy -Shakti ; is always referred as SHE . That is how one should understand the play of existence is always in the changing mode.
Earth creates form and form creates energy due to inclusion of the ether . The shape of form decides the elemental form of energy as shape and elemental expression are connected. So a particular form emits specific elemental energy. But all this play happens on the foundation of the earth element.
Mere energy is always in a dynamic state and is in a moving mode . But the form stabilise the energy to some extent and gives a label of the element to that energy as per the shape of the form. When such firm is made by using the earth element then that form and energy gets stabilised over that formative earth and keeps attracting similar various versions of the energy from the surroundings. This being formative elemental energy it has specific content of the consciousness; but which is not the complete expression of the consciousness. So this form if is not in the sacred geometry then attracts the negative souls- consciousness too.
*So while any renovation of any old building this thought of the existing form and it's content as some consciousness should not be overlooked ; otherwise it may give trouble- pain-shocks to the Architect as well to the leader of that renovation and to the occupants.*

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