7. For American houses west is the most important zone as Sun lies on west horizon for longer duration of the day ; in the evenings.
Western streams contain ocean of the sub automatic particles which contaminate the consciousness; that's what are termed as the sinking streams. One great Jain Master had suggested me that west is worse than south . Probably the present age signifies the age of polluted orbit of wind ; so this can be considered as the partial truth . Particularly for places like America ; this could be a right conclusion as said by the Jain Monk Maharaj Shri .
As in traditional text; it is said that west streaming results in fights and differences. Obviously this situation happens because the required patience is less in the person. There lies heist in attaining anything because of the hyper vibrations of the wind element. This gap between the person and his becoming creates the fight in the mind ; which can be said as the conflict . Such conflict creates the environment of fight-struggle-disagreement.
Philosophically it is termed as the void between the being and the becoming ; that makes the pain and torture .The nucleus deity of the west matrix of deities is Mitra ; means soul mate; a friend . So when there happens excitation of the vibrations of the ether-light-energy from the west zone then it leads to self enmity in the life .
A powerful earth element to the west is the only remedy . This powerful earth element can absorb these sinking streams and can regulate the mandalas of the prana in a clockwise pattern .
Evening is the period when one institution of the Sun ends and the organisation of the three friends Mercury-Saturn-Venus begins . In this period of setting of the Sun and beginning of the rise of the Saturn ; if west is weak then it starts creating the voids of Rahu in the house. In west as it signifies the 3-7-11 signs ; there lies constellation of Rahu . Vibrations of Rahu pollute anything that falls in it's clutches . So as such Rahu is the ruling planet for the west zone along with the Saturn .
Rahu and Saturn both are enemies of the Sun and Moon ie the Soul and the Mind . So when excitation of vibrations of the west happens it kills the virtues of the Sun and Moon .

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