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9. When west is low and there lies some fault or hyper excitation of the northwest zone then it's the case of fault related to wind element. Both directions of the wind element have fault so with more time there lies possibility of disturbance to the complementary directions ie to the southeast and east zone in future. In such cases there may happen a new constitution to the southeast where there could be a basement to the southeast . Initially where east is open and without any load ; there may happen a blockage due to the new building. Such possibilities of disturbances to the complementary directions is the dynamic analysis of the Vaastu . So with this futuristic thought ; it is advisable to give additional remedies to the east and southeast zones ; so that these future additions will not disturb the energetics of the existing house . Such predictive thought for futuristic possibilities is the wisdom that " stitch in time saves nine."
When northwest and west get connected to each other by faults then it may lead to wrong investments in shares and funds. Even the life style promotes very heavy expenses with hope for returns in future from invested amounts ; but this hope may lead to severe problems in future ; as chances of wrong investments may happen .
West zone contains vibrations of the Rahu and the Saturn where as the northwest is connected to the moon and the wind element. When these two vibrations get mixed then Astrologically it's the situation like the conjunction of the moon to the Saturn and the Rahu . Such conjunction may lead to bad habits like drugs-drinks-sex specially in the daughters of the house.
Rahu signifies the smoke and the ambiguity . Saturn signifies the contraction and the darkness . When vibrations of both these planets get mixed then there lies possibility of the paranormal activity in the house that corrupts the psyche of the children .
Late sleeping in nights and late waking in the mornings is the common beginning of such haunted places . Such paranormal activity may not show any drastic movements of the spirits but like a slow poison they suck the life energy from the consciousness.

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