Astro vaastu

If the Astro chart is marked on the plan then it's easy to read the form of the house . As here we see there lies vibrations of ether to second and third house ; so effects of these houses will flourish. Owner will have good income and his ambitions will fulfil due to these vibrations of the ether . There lies extension to the fifth and sixth house ie to the northwest so the unknown enemies specially ladies may obstruct the motion of the life . Since there lies small cuts in the seventh and eighth house there are chances of temporary separation with wife ; along with small accidents and attacks of depression.As there lies cut to the 11 th and 12 th house with toilet in the eleventh house ; deceit from friends and losses from children as it's the seventh house of the fifth house .
Extensions in the fifth house may give connectivity to the fine arts and creativity along with immoral sensuous attitudes due to cuts to the twelfth house .
If the owner has Saturn and Rahu in fire signs then it will lead to severe effects in this house . Such people should establish Nairutya Ling Bhairavi in the house on Nanda Tithi with proper ritual to avoid the fear of death and diseases .
Burning the magic mixture to the southeast will do balancing of the losses of the twelfth house .
Chanting of RHIMM while burning the fire will give balancing of the losses of the cuts in the eleventh house .

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