In this house the main direction that is open to the outer spaces is the northwest direction. When all other directions are closed then effect of this vibrations of the northwest play a very important role on the eventology of that house ; and which may not be good .
Matrix of deities of the northwest is connected to the paranormal activities; specially when fire element is weak in the house . Fire in its divine mode ie when Aryama-Savita-Savitru are in a dynamic state then this paranormal activity of the northwest flux do not happen. So. Placing the Ling Bhairavi to the southeast on the Purna Tithi with a small ritual and activating the Aryama division by red carnelian lingam with silver or by silver lingam with triangular copper helix will strengthen these deities.
In this flat due to the terrace to the west end it gives out the vibrations of the light and ether in the living spaces . These vibrations play disagreement in every walk of life . The wind element of the west is like a storm and if the fire is weak in such house ; then it dooms the fire ; this leads to fatal situations to the males staying in the house .
The extended south zone of the kitchen needs to be out of the limited squarish geometry of the house ; so if raised by using the pebbles and the pyramidal roof ; will automatically get subtracted from the house as regards the cosmic balancing .

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