In this plan there lies extended northeast means there will be southeast cut effect . As a matter of Ghat bimb Siddhant there lies southeast cut too . It means the negative effects related to the eleventh and twelfth house of the birth chart will give intense negative results. As fire is intense in this house if there lies some impurity in 1-5-9 signs then it will give more negative effects .
Houses eighth and ninth of the chart shows Viprit antaral ie small cuts ; so this house needs strengthening to the southwest by placing square lead helix with one big yellow stone lingam as the sacred earth element. This Tantra treatment will compensate to the lost earth element of the ninth and eighth house . Because of such loss of earth element in these houses of the chart ; one may miss the opportunities due to small errors in the life . The cuts in the eighth house create the panic situation due to disease or accidents in the life . Particularly in the period of the Dasha of the lord of the eighth house or even in Rahu dasha one may suffer severe setbacks as regards health .
A prominent cut in the seventh house of the chart shows the differences and fights in the marriage and relationships . If in the original chart the lord of the seventh house is disturbed then this situation in the house may lead even to the divorce.

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