Southwest contains Indra Indra jay deities; who signify ambitions to conquer everything. When excessive vibrations of this southwest happens then the support of the earth element falls and morality of the occupants get paralysed .
Whenever hyper excitation of the light particles happens in the west-southwest-south then it makes the earth very weak .
When the earth gets weakened then the corner deity Pitru gets activated ; where lies the gate of the Sapt Patalas. So instead of the journey of the consciousness from southwest to northeast ; the reverse journey connects the occupants to the past tense.
The energy starts rolling in the anti-clockwise path and activates the Gandharva and Yama divisions of the south zone .
Since in this house ; toilet lies to the southeast zone and southeast is the shorter side ; fire element is imbalanced as well polluted. So instead of it's divine form flame it gets expressed in to the smoke . Here begins the play of the dark shadows. So Pitru-Gandharva-Yama-with the smoky fire create the paranormal activities in such house.
North is polluted due to toilet and east is loaded due to staircase ; so almost both the source directions are absent in this house .
One should discard such house and at times better to live in the rental place where the north and east are streaming with south and west are closed .

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