In this plan the main energy directions are pouring lot of energy in the house ; so overall money-peace-religious ness will get experienced.Though it is a Vidisha Vaastu ; as north-northeast-east are streaming ; so there the effect of the Vidisha will be much less . Rather on north side to the hall additional windows are placed then due to this windows and the extended terrace; it will good very good financial as well mental satisfaction.
But the duct attached to the house is to the south zone and the geometry formed due to elongated entrance passage creates the Viprit antaral to the south ; which is a severe fault in the Vaastu . When ever the transit in the birth chart of the owner is in bad shape then this duct to the south ; will start operating with strokes of the negative energy. To make balancing of this fault ; if the entire south-southwest-west is raised by six inches with use of metals under the tiles to these directions is done with proper muhurtha and rituals then to some extent it may reduce the effects of this duct .
Entrance corrections to the south end by metal panelling to main door-pyramidal ceiling to this zone-use of metal lingams will reduce the poison of the elongated entrance zone .
Since effect of the water element is more in this house ; so it's necessary to reduce the effects of the weak fire element by bhasrika-kapalbhati-gold soup- chanting Rhim and mangal chakra puja .

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