*Kitchen to north *
North gets loaded due to kitchen stone platform-trollies-fridge-ovens . It forms a severe fault as it absorbs the organic streams of the north and reduce the content of the Chandra-Ida nadi . It may lead to loss of health in ladies and loss of wealth and opportunities in gents. Since north acts as the wish pond this load and metal content of the kitchen keeps the desires hanging . Metal content is a combination of the vibrations of the Saturn and Rahu ; which are enemies of the moon of the north . Heat generated evaporates the content of the water element of the north so the showers of blessings do not happen in the Aap-Aapvatsa of the next direction ie to the northeast direction. So hopes of the cloud move towards the northwest ; where lies the Naag and the Rog divisions . So the vibrations of these northwest divisions create the psychological despair in the life ; specially this happens in the life of the ladies as they are connected to the north breath .
In such cases provide the white marble flooring to the kitchen and use white marble for the kitchen platform . Bury 500 gm cultured pearls with 50 gm silver under the kitchen platform on the Jaya Tithi along with the chidvastus . If it's on ground floor then it's east to provide Uttar Som Jagar in the plinth with proper ritual of the Bhudhar Chakra Pujan .
In such cases check the birth chart of the ladies . If the charts contain Saturn or Rahu in the forth house or Saturn and Rahu in the water signs then this fault of kitchen to north becomes worse . In such cases it is advised to do a regular detox every year with aayurvedik treatments regarding hormones.
If such kitchen lies on top floor then it's possible to bring the skylight from the terrace by making the core cuts in the ceiling .Specially if the core cut is done in the Soma division then it gives fulfilment of desires .
Establishing zinc moon under the north boundary under the flooring gives very good effects ; as pearls-silver-zinc together makes effects as if the conjunction of the moon and Jupiter ie Gaj Kesari Yoga .

2. *Kitchen to the East *
Since east contains the fire element; actually kitchen in the east is workable. But east is related to money so not to take risk by putting these modern kitchens . Modern kitchens are fully loaded by trollies-stone platform-oven-freeze so signify the earth and the fire element.
Specially black stone of the kitchen signifies Saturn in the east ; that kills the prana of the Aaditya . It's like a conjunction of the Saturn and the Sun effects as the pitrudosha.
Atleast kitchen platform should be white or even pink that supports the vibrations of the Sun or Venus . Sun adds the prana and Venus adds the prosperity.Sun gives strength to the Indra-Ravi-Satya-Aryama ; the entire east matrix of the deities.Venus suits to the ladies and has it's Nakshatra in the east .
Sun-Mars-Jupiter-Venus form the matrix of planets in the east . So rich mild yellowish golden tinge onyx stone is good for east flooring . This onyx will resemble to the vibrations of the Jupiter and the process of polarising the energy resembles to the Sun .
Black stone plateform sucks the Pran mandalas of the Indra-Ravi-Satya and some part of the Aryama divisions . Then east is no more a source direction so it breeds fear-fraudulent nature-sin oriented tendencies. In many corrupt government officers have kitchen to the east with lustrous black kitchen platforms. Vibrations and related waves in the surroundings have profound effect on the consciousness of the occupants.
If the kitchen lies to the east with such black stone platform and the west contains terrace and French windows that leads to hyper excitation of the sinking streams of the west then it could be the case of the Bandhan yoga ie jail due to corruption .
This situation is the case of the stress reversal ie all the qualities of the east become vices in the west and vice versa .In such case the vibrations of the Brahmsthan get sandwiched in poison arrows from the two complementary directions.
Vibrations of Sun-Jupiter-Mars is the virtue of the east and vibrations of the Saturn and wind element is the nature of the west . Exactly opposite situation means this case of the terrace to the west and kitchen to the east .

3. *Kitchen to South *
So far the black granite kitchen platform-trollies-oven-Freez to the south zone is good as it adds heavy load to the south .
But this is the main sink zone where the organic streams set down and the food is the main source of organic energy. Hence activity of the preparation of the food does not match to this south zone.
Preparation of food needs lot of prana and south zone is sucker of prana ; so is not suitable for cooking the food . When prana and fire element unite then that prana enters in that preparation. Rather Agni is produced by the prana and south is the zone of the Apana ; so is not suitable for the cooking of the food .
The deities in this zone are related to the death and the army of death . So food in this zone gets touched by this army of the death and it becomes poison for the living being .
When the fire is created for the cooking then it's vibrations move towards southeast as well towards the southwest . When it moves towards the southeast then it means energy is moving anti-clockwise which is negative. So this movement of the vibrations of the fire energy reduces the strength of the divine deities Savita-Savitru . When this happens it creates more anger and violence in the house . In addition to the south kitchen ; if there lies any fault to the sister directions of the south then it becomes a Mahadosha ie severe fault of the Vaastu .
This aroma and fragrance of the food in the south zone may attract the other friend yonis of the Yama and Gandharva ; particularly on days like Ashtami-no moon night -Rikta Tithi . Normally whenever one eats under some tree in farm ; it's customary to put some food to the south as the sacrifice ; for these yonis ; obviously to protect the food from these yonis .
This is the prime zone for the bedroom of the owner ; when it gets occupied by the kitchen means owner has to shift to the other unsuitable zone . Normally kitchens have dry balconies attached . When such kitchen of the south zone gets balcony then it becomes the extension to the main sink zone ; which is not good . Such dry balcony may add the fault of the Viprit Antaral to the house ; which could be responsible for accidents and diseases.

*Kitchen to West *
As regards heavy granite stone platform-trollies-oven-freeze to the west zone is good as it adds heavy load to west . This additional earth load is helpful to control the storm of the west zone .
But this is the sinking direction of the pranik energy and the Sun looses it's power . It's the zone where Saturn and Rahu ride . So west is full of sinking vibrations and is the chief direction of the Apana.
Food is said as Brahman; means it expands the energy and in it's support the regeneration processes start and get enhanced too. Expansion is the quality of the Jupiter and not of Rahu and Saturn. Rahu and Saturn are known for the pollution. Rather these planets are main polluting agents .
West is the direction of the wind and it carries lot of dust and virus in the tropical countries; so preparation of the food in this zone is bound to get impurities.
Vibrations of the fire element are needed to the zone where the food gets prepared as fire is the purifying medium at all levels . West matrix of deities has no deity related to the fire element so this zone is not suitable for the kitchen.
Since there is no division related to the fire element; so any food preparation will not get offered to auspicious deities . Hence such food becomes the feast for the other yonis like Asuras-Gandharvas-Marutas; which spoil the grace of the food .
Fire element is the mouth of all the auspicious deities ; which is absent in west zone ; so this negative event of feast to demons happens .
Open fire in the west zone spoils the breeze and cooling quality of that Rang Shala ie place for humour-fine arts-music . So this west zone if well protected from any fire and made luxurious then it showers the prosperity of the Venus . When earth load of kitchen and the heat of the kitchen gets placed to the west zone it changes this place of humour in to war field . Such kitchen if adds scorching light to west zone then it may lead to even separation in the family.
When west zone gets disturbed it deteriorate the virtue of the Mitra deity ; which is the responsible division for all relationships. So when kitchen gets set to the west and west contains lot of light from west facade or cut in the west then it's possible that whole relationship of the life may get disturbed .

In traditional Shastra kitchen is said to be the best position if it's a place for vegetarian food . This zone has deity Aditi who is Annapurna-goddess for food .This zone has deity Diti who signifies the hunger. At the corner of this direction is Shikhi ; who signifies the fire element. Parjanya is shower of bliss .Jayant blesses the power after taking the food . So all positive deities supportive to the food lie in this zone . But modern kitchens are absolutely not suitable to the northeast zone due to it's heaviness and meat . That to black granite platform signifies the evil vibrations that washes all the purity-divinity of this zone .
Evil and powerful earth element absorbs all the cosmic power of the Aap-Aapvatsa . Aap-Aapvatsa signifies the knowledge and strength. These qualities change their mode from divine to demonic activities. Many tyrants and politicians have such kitchens to northeast zones ; which ultimately put them in jail due to all antisocial activity.
Every sub direction is related to specific element and particular pillar of the consciousness. Here it's related to water element ; so to the mind . So kitchen with non veg food may create monster ; to that extent one should consider this as the severe fault.
Kitchen over here is like placing the poison in the container of the sacred nectar. Here lies the head of the Vaastu Purusha. Traditional shastra quotes that whatever fault happens to the organ of the Vaastu Purusha; same way it reflects in the Gruhsvami-owner . So when head gets disturbed with non veg food-which is out of the violence ; this violence enters in the psyche of the owner ; that makes him monster.
The division Jayanta if not controlled then mythologically it's related to some immortality. Such kitchen will definitely boost the immorality in the minds of occupants.
Aap Aapvatsa maintains the mandalacar streaming of the energy in any Vaastu. When Aap-Aapvatsa are loaded by the earth element then it disturbs the entire energetics of that Vaastu .The mandalas broke in to poison arrows and anti-clockwise loops of the negative energy.

Traditional vaastushastra certifies this as the ideal placement for the kitchen. This is the zone of the fire element where the sacred deities like Savita-Savitru are situated . The key of getting the blessings of all gods through the showers of the parjanya is possible
is possible if the actual cooking happens in the Nabha division of the southeast matrix of deities. Nabha is the division where lies the mouth of the Agni ie fire element from where the food reaches to all deities by the aroma and the fragrance of the cooked food .
Southeast is the combination of the south and the east means it's a mixed direction where prana of east as well the death currents of the south meet . So to some extent the energy of this direction should be controlled. In the Ratnadhyay here yellow Saffire is specified which absorbs the negativity due to it's earthness and suits to the prana of the east as it's a planet of east matrix too .
Even in old days this direction is assigned for the Bali ie sacrifice. So preparation of thd food is like the sacrifice presented to the deities. In the history of saints of India ; Shri Saibaba is most popular and Saibaba 's temples are in almost all famous cities in the whole world . There lies Vaastu cause as a supportive tenet . At original Shirdi there lies sacred fire of Dvarakamai to the southeast . The murthy is facing east . So fire is to the right side . Far away to left side there lies River Godavari . So by Svar-Shastra too ; this position is divine . Same is repeated in most of the temples of Shri Saibaba . Where there lies sacred fire to the southeast there one experiences divinity-name-fame . So kitchen in the southeast with stove in the Nabha Division will dilute many faults of any house . Whenever such situation is not in the house then at-least some milk and some rice if cooked in the Nabha division then it can give some better results.
A pure ghee lamp if burnt for 24 hours in the Nabha division by placing on the copper triangular helix then too ; it will give good results.

For kitchen with non-vegetarian food this zone might prove good . As this zone signifies the earth element; the granite platform-trollies-oven-freeze may add this required load to this zone.
This zone signifies the planet Venus who supports the taste of the food with spices.
This zone is of Rahu planet too ; it gets good for non vegetarian food . The divisions of deities like Sugriv-Pitru-Dauvarik too may support the non vegetarian food but when these deities touch the food they do not grace it at all . Rather certain deities pour their desires to the food which spoils the consciousness.
Spiritually as well religiously non veg food contains less prana and has more tamas due to the violence of those animals. That's why in western world too ; the new wave of vegans is in full force which avoids even the milk products ; milk being full of animal hormone . So any vegetarian food if cooked in the southwest zone will not have any prana as this zone signifies the strong sinking energy.
If such kitchen has attached dry balcony then it adds thd vibrations of the Viprit antaral to that zone ; which reduces the strength of the earth element. Reduction in the earth element; promotes the sinking streams that may reflect in the loss of the grace and sacredness of the food .
So the aroma of thd food may activate the deities like Pitru-Sugriva-Vikshep deity Putana-Dauvarika ; which are the suckers of the prana from the Jeeva and increase the pain-sorrow-torture .
When kitchen in southwest ; one should always watch the mindfulness in all activities as there lies possibility of the depression-loss of hopes-despair. If one senses like this then follow rigorous pranayama related to the solar plexus . Even chanting loudly AUM and focussing on the spread of the cosmic waves in the body and to mind and to head .
Even increasing the earth element of this zone by yellow stone-brown colour-raised zones-use of pebbles will be of help to absorb these sinking waves of the Viprit antaral.
Before eating the food ; it's better to do the pranik vedik healing techniques to add prana to the food . Traditionally sprinkling the sacred waters around the food plate with chants is a common ritual in India.

The northwest matrix of deities contain Shosh means Saturn ; Paap yakshma means tendency to be immoral; Rog means susceptibility to infections ; Naag means intense desire that can expand from the patala to the sky. None of these deities support the preparation of the food .
Even there is no deity that supports the fire element; which is needed for the food preparation. It's surprising to note that if the kitchen is not in southeast then some Ayadi experts suggest and adjust it to the northwest on the 180 degrees . It's observed that these conditioned experts do not follow the Devta Nikash and vaastu mahasutras and very often fail to give success to their clients . Even their great master failed to construct his dream project of the international school of Vaastu due to not following the primary basic traditional Vaastu maha sutras . Arithmetic of Vaastu is one thing but it's zoning-five element effects-high lows of the bhumi-sequence of construction-loads on the plot-soil-earth are much much more important and these facts are critically explained in the Vaastu Maha Sutras in all the standard authentic traditional books like Maya matam-Maansar-Kamika Agam-Aparajit Pruchcha .
Except to the temple architecture; in my opinion one need not follow the Ayaadi that critically ; but should follow the dictums of Vaastu Maha Sutras of all above great books of Vaastu strictly. The Master of Ayaadi is more related to the temple architecture and Iconography. So must have missed the grace of the nectar that lies in Vaastu Maha Sutras and so failed in the construction of his dream project near Chennai .
Unless one understands the sequence of the planets-elements-deities-directions-energy; it's not possible to understand the relationship of the cycles of the time and the vibrations-waves-sound-light that leads to the eventology of the life .
So if kitchen lies to the northwest then it's primary effect is observed on dusters . Late marriages-social disgrace-loss of the esteem are very common effects observed in the houses with kitchen to the northwest zone.

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