This plan shows Viprit antaral in fifth and sixth house so there will be hyper excitation of the aspirations of these houses of chart . As regards the sixth house extension; it leads to increase in the enemies and as regards the extension of the fifth house of the chart it shows excessive sexual urge that may lead to the immoral behaviour. In the Vaastu also it's predicted similarly due to the vibrations of the deities like Rog-Naag-Paap Rakshasi .
Northwest is connected to the wind element as the sound and harmony of the house ; when such asymmetry happens this sound gets transformed in to noise .
Extension of the eighth house gives predictions like pain of the order of the death penalty in the life so is the conclusion of the extension to the southwest zone . Such extensions signify the loss of the earth element of the southwest zone ; which destabilise the life .
Toilets in the first house signify the bad health as well immoral behaviour. Where as the toilet in the second house signifies bad tongue and abusing language.
Cuts in the second and third houses of the chart assures the improvement in the behaviour in future when the favourable Dasha comes .
Some part of the seventh house shows the extension which is indicative of the quarrels with wife . If in the birth chart there lies problems in the lord of the seventh house then this extension may play a serious role .

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