Toilets n Vaastu

Some bookworm so called traditional Vaastu experts give sanctions for toilets to the northeast and north zone with sequence of these directions to the water element. But it's foolish to see the comprehensive water element in the faucets and pipes of the toilets.
Definition of the water element is flame-nectar-grace-teertha-showers of blessings . This comprehensive meanings of the words of the Shastra are not understood by these so called traditional Vaastu experts .
Toilet acts like a blockage to the energy streaming as it as such disconnects the whole area from the space of the house .So toilets in the source zone act like the severe fault in the vaastushastra.
In addition to the blockage this zone pollutes the space . So in general toilets may do the representation of the planet Rahu .North zone is the source direction of the organic ( jaivik) energy . The word jaivik stands from the word Jeeva ; which is the other name of the planet Jupiter. Astrologically Jupiter stands exhalted in sign cancer ; which lies to the north zone in the natural chart . Water element denotes 4-8-12 signs and in Parashari these signs signify north zone too.
As the toilet signifies blockage and pollution; it's effect makes the north as the polluted and weak wishpond . In such house occupant's desires do not get fulfilled and the thirst of the life gets transformed in the lust and the torture . Career opportunities get lost. Money-job-possibilities become severe problems through out the life . Mainly health of ladies get spoilt due to allergies and hormonal issues . Psychological distress increases . This happens because the deity Soma of the north matrix gets disturbed. Since the vibrations of the deity Bhudhar are blocked and polluted; so life gets disorganised.
North energy is the only energy that streams day and night without discontinuity ; so the entire energetics of the vaastu purush mandala goes wrong . So it's effects are deep and on all zones .

The dirt and the northeast zone are like enemies as this is the direction that keeps the divinity and the sacredness of the entire Vaastu Purusha Mandala. Even this zone has more importance than the Brahmsthan as the role of the Brahmsthan is quite passive . Unless the Ruby is planted in the Brahmsthan; the activation does not happen.
But the northeast zone which is assigned to the deity Iesha acts as the Corona of the divinity; because of this deity all other deities find their aura . Since the continuous flame expression of the divine fire element named as the Shikhi ; purifies the water element named by Aap-Aapvatsa deities ; the energetics of the Vaastu Purusha Mandala gains the mandalacar form . So if the nectar becomes the poison then it will disturb all the deities of the Vaastu Purusha Mandala ; so toilet to northeast is like the severe most fault of the Vaastu.
As toilet signifies pollution; which denotes planet Rahu
and planets associated with water element are Moon-Jupiter-Mars as lords of water signs; so toilets to northeast will give effects like conjunction of moon and rahu; Jupiter and Rahu or Mars and Rahu .
Northeast being the second Brahmasthan ; toilet here will affect the vibrations of the Sun too .As the connected zone is Aryama which signifies Sun by virtue . So toilet here will disturb the vibrations of the Sun too.
The deity Jayant is connected to the crows in its last birth and in the process of after death rituals carries great importance. So disturbed vibrations of the Jayanta signify the Pitru dosh in family .
The deity Aditi signifies the blissful food preparation; so toilet over here is like the curse to the food .
The deity Diti signifies the hunger for the food and the acidity in the body that supports the digestion. So toilet over here is like the obstruction in the process of digestion.
So to planets-elements-deities; at all levels this toilet proves to be a severe fault in the northeast .Here lies the head of the Vaastu Purusha; so it's the place of the sahasrara ; from where the ascension may happen; so toilet over here is like the sin of the past births .

The great Vishwakarma has mentioned the bathrooms to the east zone .
But the bathrooms in those days used to be uncovered from top ; where sky used to descend down ie open to air . This used to give a form to house that used to open out to the east . In a way this type of arrangement used to enhance the east vibrations. In that zone there were many copper pots ; where the copper signifies the Mars ; which is the planet of the east and denotes the strength and is the planet of the east .
The open flame of the fire to make the water hot used to give the strength to the east matrix of deities as all these deities are related to the sun .
During the rise of the Sun this type of open fire to east with copper container used to create the fire ritual that to unknowingly.
This type of open duct to the east used to transform the house in to the Sukhkshetra automatically ; which is the best form as per the traditional Vaastu . As said in Vaastu Maha Sutras these enhanced east vibrations bless all the eight patterns of Laxmi ie courage-money-wealth-health-intellect-children-happiness.
For these east vibrations Aparajit Pruchcha ; the great book of the Vaastu gives many beautiful sutras .
When in the natal chart there lies a strong Pitru dosha then in the casestudies; it's seen that the house has toilets to the east zone . Such toilet as signifies blockage and pollution it makes the pranik energy totally weak ; where this energy is more related to males occupying the house . So it reflects in bad habits-less education-addiction-fear syndrome specially in males .
As sun is lord of the fifth house in astrology and is responsible for the progeny; in the same way in many casestudies childless couples have polluted and weak prana ie toilet to the east zone .

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