A-Bury 500 gm cultured pearls with 50 gm silver with chidvastus on Jaya Tithi with Som Chakra Pujan.
B-Place two very big triangular copper helix with 50 gm silver under the flooring on Purna Tithi with Chidvastus.
C-Bury Dakshin MantraBeej Plates with eight square iron helix along with the chidvastus under the flooring on Nanda Tithi with Vivasvan Chakra Pujan on the helix.
D- Bury West MantraBeej plates with six circular bronze helix under the flooring on Bhadra Tithi with Chidvastus.
E-Bury Bronze MantraBeej plate with bronze helix on Bhadra Tithi with Chidvastus; under the flooring.

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