Since this house contains more water element and imbalanced fire element so protecting balance of the fire element is the principle to solve this case.
The cut to the northeast section gives excitation of the vibrations of the ether ; which gets mixed with the Aap-Aapvatsa of the northeast zone. This confluence of two sacred elements in the sacred zone gives strength to the water element; which gives inclination to the spirituality. This inclination removes the attention from the sensuous life and person looses the interest from earning the livelihood for the self. Not to happen this there should be proper excitation of the Savita-Savitru of the southeast zone as well of the Indra-Indrajay of the southwest zone . That is vibrations of the sacred fire and sacred earth element are necessary.Since there is cut to the southeast as well a terrace to the southeast ; it signifies the imbalance of the fire element. The entrance is from southwest that weakens the earth element. A small cut to the southwest zone ; next to the entrance signifies the Viprit antaral ; that again reduce the stability due to the weak earth element. So in this plan the key is to protect the earth and the fire element; so that the cycles of time and vibrations of the elements vibrate in the same rhythm to give the better eventology to the occupants.

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