Entire northeast facade projects to the external face and pours lot of the northeast sacred water energy . So much of the water energy with skew Vidisha flat reduces the fire content leading to fear-feminine ness in the occupants. As it is the shorter southeast side indicates the less fire content and less expression of the Savita-Savitru deities.
Form of the house is related to the vibrations of the directions. These vibrations create the whirling energy around the people ; in which the consciousness of the occupants get entangled . This entanglement of consciousness signify the odds and vices in the occupants and shrink the aura . As it is the height of the flats is less than 10'6" means proper blessings of the ether is missing which denotes the head of the occupants.
Almost this flat has length to width proportions 1:3 to 1:4 so the form also is skew along with the Vidisha situation. In such flat there lies ruling of only one or two elements with other elements almost missing.
There lies depression due to the inclusion of thd ducts and lift well in the south-southwest zone . More the flat on the higher level ; more will be the effect of these depressions; leading to frustration and accidents prone form of the house .
So increasing the vibrations of the active fire element and sacred earth element is the first duty of the Vaastu Expert .

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