Since in this house east is open to some extent it will fetch good money . But since simultaneously there lies attack of the southeast vibrations; it will give ego-anger-arrogance.
The vibrations of the southeast leads to hunger-thirst-pain-sorrow-torture . In this case since east is blocked and northeast is polluted due to the toilets this arrogance will enter in the next mode ie violence.
As the house opens out to southeast as a C-opening ; this house may have some fire hazards. The most essential treatment to this house is to enhance the vibrations of the water element. If these vibrations of the water element are enhanced then the fire element will get reduced and even the arrogance will get reduced to just basic ego .
So raise the flooring of the south and west side bedrooms by six inches by using the pebbles. As pebbles signify the powerful and sacred earth element; it will create some sort of tranquility in the house .
Use yellow colour tiles to the central southeast balcony ; so the subtle expression of the earth element will reduce the intensity of the vibrations of the southeast zone .Add 2/3 planters ; specially in one of the planter sugarcane to create the organic curtain. Sugarcane signifies the Venus so brings prosperity if used to southeast and west zones .
Use of white marble to north-northeast-east will reduce the intensity of the excessive vibrations of the southeast zone .

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