This house signifies the torque of the fire and wind as the entire southeast direction is projected to the outer surroundings and on the west side the house is connected to the vibrations of the ether and the energy due to the duct .
More on the higher floors then deeper becomes the west duct ; so the torque of this fire and wind gets intensified.
Hyper excitation of the Southeast vibrations lead to hunger-thirst-pain-sorrow-torture and the hyper excitation of the west vibrations leads to quarrels-fights-differences in the family. So when these two vibrations get mixed it may lead to violence .
Terrace to the east enhances the virtues of the east ; so the financial conditions of this house will be good . In addition some flux of the northeast enters the house then it may tranquillise the differences to some extent . As the vibrations of the water element increase it will reduce the intensity of the fire ; so opening the northeast and north is the right solution on this house .
One vishnukanta pillar to the southwest and one to the southeast will absorb the negativity to some extent . Place southwest pillar on the Nanda Tithi ; where as the southeast pillar on the Purna Tithi .
Use of Ratnadhyay to regulate the form of the house ; variations in the flooring; helix-lingam assemblies will form the sequence of the planets-elements-deities.

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