Northwest flux is connected to the wind element and to the twisted moon . Along with this it carries the vibrations of the west as it's to the clockwise path from west to northwest . So northwest contains the vibrations of the twisted Venus too . When vibrations of the twisted Venus and twisted moon get mixed on the background of the basic wind element then it promotes the immoral behaviour. Such people spend their money on the luxury more than the necessities; so one day there are chances that such people may become bankrupt.
Since the northeast is shorter side these people are type of atheist and skeptic ; so more inclined towards the material benefits and sensuous pleasures .
One toilet to the east end adds to this non religious ness but pollute the pranik energy; which reflects in arrogance and overconfidence. Ducts and lift well to the southeast zone excite the anger and violence in the person. Entrance from the Center of the southeast zone aggravates the anger and the deep fear .
All southeast faults reflect in the behaviour of sons and even these depressions are accident prone to the sons . In this case where the northwest is hyper streaming happens there effects of the southeast faults become severe .
Stabilising the poison arrows and erratic energy forms ; solid-powerful-sacred earth element to southeast-south-southwest is the only answer .

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